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Aegean Invest Services

Aegean Invest services mainly consists of 2 subjects; Consultancy on Greek Golden Vısa and business investments in Greece.

Greek Golden Visa and Residence Permit by Property Investment Program

AEGEAN INVEST is specialized in the Greek Golden Visa and Residence Permit / Schengen Visa by property investment program for non-European associates and clients and their families who intend to invest in Greece either personally or legal entity.

Property owners are not required to occupy their residential properties the whole year around; we can manage the properties and generate rental income for the owners.

We focus on the Greek investment programs offering exclusive services to prominent businessmen from Turkey, Persian Gulf, Russia, Ukraine, China, Asia and Africa. Today’s high profile members of societies choose this unique opportunity. Nevertheless; many are hesitant to commence the process as they do not know how, where and with whom they should trust. AEGEAN INVEST provides full data concerning this entire process in complete confidentiality with a personal service through its associates. Our firm has a team of professionals, lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and real estate advisors that meticulously investigate all Greek Golden Visa and Residence Permit by property investment program. Our service languages cover English, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

Aegean Invest Services About Business Consultancy

Business Plan

The strategic business plan created by AEGEAN INVEST for each asset is the property’s blueprint for success. This carefully thought out plan includes a realistic operating budget, a capital improvement budget and a sales and marketing plan. All such budgets and plans are consistent with current franchise and local market requirements; they must be approved by ownership before implementation.

Property Management & Operations

AEGEAN INVEST property management division sets and carefully monitors meaningful cost controls. Rates are structured, checked daily through our guest tracking report and changed as market conditions warrant. Rate maximization via yield management is an integral part of the operations strategy. Payroll is analyzed daily, energy costs controlled, preventive maintenance programs are established, and an extensive Policy and Procedures Manual is utilized by property management.

Human Resources

Integral to the success of an enterprise is its manager. AEGEAN INVEST has taken pride in being able to find and keep the most competent managers for a given enterprise (hotel, etc). Furthermore, the best available personnel are found for all operational areas; a key to our success is the longevity of our employee associates, both in the home office and in the field.

The associates at our hotels are our most important assets and we strive to select the most talented. Human resources management in hotels requires a special skill set. Utilizing AEGEAN INVEST’s proprietary selection tool we selectively recruit the most talented General Managers and associates in the market. AEGEAN INVEST’s selection tool assists us in matching the talents of associates to the right job. Simply put, we place “a round peg in a round hole” in both customer-facing and non-customer-facing positions.

Further, we provide direction in the areas of compensation, benefits, training and development to create a positive working environment in which our associates can learn and grow.

Renovations and Purchasing

AEGEAN INVEST has developed close relationships with many suppliers and manufacturers. Due to economics of scale, purchasing power is realized. While saving ownership unnecessary expenditures, quality renovations are achieved.

Fiscal / Accounting & Legal Services

Financial Services

AEGEAN INVEST provides centralized accounting services, resulting in lower administrative payroll costs and more accurate, informative and timely financial information. The central accounting office closely monitors daily accounting reports, supervises payroll processing, prepares monthly bank reconciliations, files sales and uses tax returns, pays most of the invoices.


To assure both a high degree of operating efficiency and administrative accuracy, an audit is conducted no less than twice a year. In addition to a thorough inspection of the physical property, the audit consists of a complete examination of the cash handling and reporting methods, the accuracy of daily reports, and analysis of payables and receivables, a check of all employment records, and a detailed review of all front office and administrative procedures.


Both monthly and quarterly reports are prepared for ownership. These reports include an analysis of present, past and projected performance. The monthly financial statements include balance sheets, cash flow statements and income statements.

A quarterly report is prepared to show and explain deviations in the income statement from the budget, personnel changes, market conditions, sales updates and capital improvement expenditures.

Sales, Marketing & Advertising

  • AEGEAN INVEST is responsible for maximizing revenues and profits through precise market positioning and well thought out marketing plans and programs. An aggressive on site commissioned sales force is led by management and supported by our experienced national sales team which provides key services in the areas of e-commerce, pricing, revenue management, regional sales support and athletic sales.
  • AEGEAN INVEST’s innovative Business Development department provides highly qualified group leads and competitive intelligence that direct our sales teams to targeted customer segments with a new approach to sales and management for hospitality. This disciplined approach prioritizes potential customers and results in increased sales productivity.
  • Our targeted marketing programs offer greater flexibility in changing marketing conditions and are the reason why AEGEAN INVEST managed enterprises consistently achieve market share premiums.

Hotel Development & Insurance


One of the most compelling incentives for hiring AEGEAN INVEST may be the utilization of their development expertise, from the initial design of the project, to the property’s opening and subsequent management. Once a pro forma analysis is conducted and a pro forma budget is completed, the Principals can determine the amount of investment the project can support. AEGEAN INVEST can provide a complete financial package, and if needed, assist in obtaining financing. The company can aid in the hiring of an architect and interior decorator experienced in hotel projects, and in ordering furniture, fixtures and equipment using our established purchasing power. Throughout the years, the company has worked with several franchise types and can assist with securing the most advantageous brand name.


By signing a management agreement with AEGEAN INVEST a hotel becomes eligible to participate in the Group’s property and casualty insurance program. Very competitive rates are available to new hotel clients that do not possess unusual risk characteristics.Asset Management & Consulting

Asset Management

Asset Management is a means by which AEGEAN INVEST can assist institutional investors and owners with their real estate portfolios. Provided monthly are budget and capital improvement reviews, financial statement analysis, sales and marketing evaluations, overviews for proper implementation of objectives and strategies, financing and debt restructuring, and internal controls.


With key personnel serving in an advisory capacity, AEGEAN INVEST can extend a helping hand to ownership, financial institutions, or other management companies. Areas of expertise include: operations and financial audits, business planning, capital expenditure planning, marketing plans, competition and demand analysis, franchise selection and management systems.

The Management and Sale of Non-performing Hotels

For the past several years, AEGEAN INVEST has assisted lending institutions, insurance companies and individual hotel owners with the management and sale of their non-performing hotels through foreclosure, bankruptcy and court appointed receivership.

Operating Audit

AEGEAN INVEST has been aiding prospective hotel purchasers determine if the purchase price is based on “real” numbers. In order to build a trailing twelve month profit and loss statement, the company sends a team to the property and conducts a complete operations and accounting audit. Irregularities or adjustments to the numbers provided by the sellers are reported to the buyer with detailed backup. This service is also available to lending institutions who may be suspicious of or do not understand the results being reported by the mortgager.

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