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Investment opportunities in Greece in various sectors of production

There are many investment opportunities in Greece with competitive advantages and investment potential. You may learn more about the investment opportunities in Greece in various sectors:

Investment Opportunities in Greece - Tourism - Yunanistan’da Yatırım Fırsatları

Tourism Sector

Tourism sector is the prime investment opportunity in Greece with more than 16000 Km coastline, more than 6000 islands and islets and a well established industry.

Investment opportunities in the tourism subsectors

  • Sun & Beach Tourism
  • Nautical tourism
  • City Break Tourism
  • Cultural and Religious Tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Meetings and Incentives (MICE)
  • Integrated resorts – holiday housing

Energy Sector

Located at the crossroads between East and West, Greece is positioned to play a particularly significant role in the region’s energy sector.

Main investment opportunities in the Energy Sector

  • Privatization of state assets
  • New infrastructure in natural gas transmission (liquid gas terminals, gas pipelines, gas distribution systems)
  • International public Tenders for the Hydrocarbon Exploration in different areas of Greece .
  • Renewable energy projects (Wind, , Solar-thermal, Biomass, Small Hydro, Geothermal etc.)
  • Energy efficiency businesses and investments
  • Grid connectivity for the islands (PPP)


Driven mostly by the demand for digitalization and automation in the Greek private and public sector, the ICT sector is one of the most significant in the Greek Economy.

Main investment opportunities in the ICT

  • Data centers
  • Call centers / service centers staffed by English-speaking staff
  • Software Product Development
  • Assembly and distribution of ICT devices
  • Start-up communities and development clusters

Life Sciences

The Greek Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals industry has a significant growth potential both in serving its internal market and expanding its reach beyond national borders with its highly-skilled workforce, and established R&D and manufacturing capability.

Key investment opportunities in Life Sciences sector

  • R&D investments and start-ups in the biotech and life sciences fields
  • Greek pharmaceutical companies seeking investment partners
  • Medical tourism facilities combining Greek healthcare expertise with its attractiveness as a tourist destination
  • Contract research and manufacturing (CRAMS) for international players

Food & Agriculture

Greek companies have leveraged the competitive advantages offered by Greek primary production in order to competitively enter and remain in global markets, making food and agriculture one of the most dynamic and high-growth sectors in Greek manufacturing from olive oil to flour products, honey to processed meats and ready meals.

Key investment opportunities in the Food & Agriculture sector

  • Repositioning and consolidation of primary food production using new technologies (hydroponics, greenhouses etc.) and high-value crops
  • Participation in the growth and consolidation of smaller, organic producers with strong export potential
  • Investment in the packaging, export and marketing of traditional staples of Greek diet such as olive oil, herbs and aquaculture
  • Investment in boutique and niche market goods, leveraging the abundant high-quality raw materials, the EU-level production standards and the low operating costs
  • Development of high-value product lines based on the global “Mediterranean Diet” trends and the exploding organic food sector
  • Investment in mass-market food production for private-label or branded use, taking advantage of Greek access to the emerging growth markets of Southeast Europe where Greek F&B companies have developed an extensive production and distribution network


Standing on the crossroad of three continents  (Europe, Asia and Africa), Greece has been connecting  people, goods and cultures since early antiquity. Which makes Greece a strategic node for the development of transportation in the greater region.

Main investment opportunities in the Logistics sector

  • Investments in Greek ports
  • Regional airports
  • Athens International Airport
  • Rail and road transport investments
  • Logistics centers
  • Assembly and quality assurance facilities
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