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Getting Residence Permit from Greece via Golden Visa Program

Residence Permit:

Residence permit is a permission that allows you to be in a foreign country for a long term. Even if the requirements of residence permits may differ depending on the country in which you plan to live or stay for a long term, all types of residence permits serve for the same purpose. Each country may have their own procedures and their own programs.

Residence Permit in Greece:

As is known, Greece is a member of European Union. People who do not have a citizenship of an European Country or of a country that is in European Economic Area or of Switzerland are going to need to have a residence permit if they wish to stay in Greece for a long term.

Greece provides different types of residence permits as well as other countries. Apart from educational reasons, work purposes, marriages and family bounds Greece also provides residence permits to investors who are willing to make an investment within Greece and their families. Even though the name of the program is ‘Golden Visa’, the residence permits obtained through investment are different than the visas and they have better advantages. By making your investment in Greece, you can get your own residence permit from Greece.

Getting a Residence Permit from Greece by Real Estate Investment:

Compared to other European Countries, Greece is the most advantageous country in European Union to obtain a residence permit by real estate investment. One of the reasons that makes Greece more attractive to get a residence permit from is Greece gives the right of applying for the residence permit to the family (married spouse, children, and parents of the main applicant and spouse) of the main applicant.

One of the reasons that differs Greece from the other Golden Visa Program countries is that Greek government does not require you to live in Greece. You do not have to live in the property which you will purchase. If you wish, you can lease the property/properties out and can make a profit or you can just use it as your summerhouse.

Not only does the residence permit obtained from Greece give you and your family the Schengen freedom to 26 Schengen Countries and 4 Schengen Candidate Countries, but also it gives you and your family the opportunity to take advantage of health and education services provided by Greek State such as Greek citizens. There are many schools which offer high quality education in Greek, English, German and French languages for your children of all ages. Apart from all these benefits of Greek residence permit, you can find a lot of opportunities for investment.

The requirements of being an applicant to Greek residence permit via Golden Visa Program:,

  1. Making investment in a property with a minimum value of 250,000€,
  2. The investment should be done through bank transfer,
  3. The applicant should not have a criminal record.

Greek government does not seek you to invest 250,000€ or more in one property at a time, which allows us to invest in parts or more than one property (the total amount should be 250,000€).

Renewal of the Residence Permit

Renewal of the Residence Permit by full ownership of the real estate and ongoing leases and contracts for leased properties:

Investment Requirements for the Greece Golden Visa

You should invest for a residential or touristic property in Greece with a minimum amount of  €250.000 for a Golden Visa.

Preconditions for a Residence Permit

  1. The real estate property must be owned by and be in possession of its owners.
  2. In case of a joint ownership, the amount invested by each of the joint owners is at least €250.000.
  3. If the owner has acquired the property through a legal entity, the applicant must own 100% of the company shares.
  4. The residence permit is also granted in case the owner invests into more than one real estate property with a combined value of at least €250.000.
  5. You are required to prove your financial capacity for the amount of your investment.
  6. You are required to provide the necessary contracts for leasing of the touristic properties.

Duration of the Residence Permit for Real Estate Owners

The residence permit is permanent but required to be renewed every 5 years while you own the property.

Conditions for Renewal of the Residence Permit

  1. The full ownership of the real estate
  2. Ongoing leases and contracts for leased properties
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