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Beneficiaries of the residence permit for investment activity

a) non-EU (European Union)/EEA(European Economic Area) citizens who intend to invest in Greece (investors), either personally or through a legal entity, provided that their investment project meets the conditions set by the legal framework.

b) non-EU/EEA citizens, company executives, involved in the implementation and/or the operation of the investment project described (upper management, middle management or experts necessary for the project).

c) Family members of the non-EU/EEA citizen described above who are granted a residence permit and specifically:

  • The spouse,
  • Their unmarried children up to the age of 21,
  • The unmarried children of the dependant or his/her spouse up to the age of 21, provided that the right of custody has been legally granted to the sponsor for his/her children and to the other spouse for the children thereof,
  • The first degree ascendants of the spouses.

These family members are granted residence permits for family reunification which does not include access to employment.

Duration-Renewal of the residence permit

The residence permit for investment activity (for investors or executives) is granted for a five-year period and is renewed every time for an equal duration, provided that the beneficiary maintains the status (investor or executive) in relation to the investment and that the investment continues to be active.

For the family members concerned, their residence permit expires upon the expiry of the sponsor’s residence permit.

Application fee

The cost for the issuance of a national entry visa is €180.

The fee for the issuance of a five-year residence permit or for its renewal is €500.

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