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The property is situated on Gregou Avenue at Porto Rafti having about 40 meters façade on Gregou, 78 meters façade on road Tritonos and 67 meters façade on road Thiseos. Distance from the sea is about 80 meters only. Such a privileged location favors the development of luxurious apartments with a view to the sea and immediate access to the central avenue Gregou, a foot-walk road Tritonos and a low traffic road Thiseos. Moreover the large area of the property along with the ability to legally cover it to a great extend favors the development of numerous parking lots, abundant green areas, piscine and private areas.

To conclude it should be noted that Porto Rafti is one of the most well-known areas of Attica where one can find vacation houses but also the fast growing tendency to use them as residence. Our property is able to serve them both equally well.

Property Elements

Surface area : 4484,67 m2
Allowed uses of land : Residence only
Allowed covered area : 30% in other words 1345.40 m2
Allowed construction area : 60% in other words 2690.80 m2
Max number floors: 3

Appartments Elements

6 appartments 110m2 with 3 bedrooms
14 appartments 95m2 with 2 bedrooms
6 appartments 76m2 with 2 bedrooms
5 appartments 52m2 with 1 bedrooms
1 appartments 130m2 with 3 bedrooms

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